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12:43am 17/01/2006
  Trying to type like im not a fucking ape over here.
When I went thru puberty I ended up in a fucking fetish club and since then I like boots... (long story)
Now since then i like to suck boot a lot. I dont think my husband has a real opinion about it but he likes it since i get off on it. Only problem is when we fuck with it (talking fucking huge heels here) he has fucking problems with lube. and words. Its pretty funny after i cum though but when we're fucking around its not. I dont think he gets dominating me doesnt have to do with calling me names.

back to the lube. he always fucking forgets i need a huge fucking lot of lube if he's gonna fuck me like that. even when its just cock he sometimes forgets. [but if he doesn't put at least a little on i fucking kick his ass.] my ass is sore thinking about it. like my fucking digestive system isnt that fucked up all ready, my ass doesn't need to be stretched any more.

i shouldnt say that 'cause i like to fist too, but i cant get him into it.

theres part 1 of my TMI. cant think of anything else. fucking huge post.

[sorry i swear a lot i suck with words]

(I want to know everything...)

First Post to TMI 
09:35pm 09/10/2003
mood: high
Taking a shit is wonderful. It reminds me of getting fucked by a nice big cock. Rubbing that prostate is amazing.

Fucking while high is also wonderful. Orgasms are so much better. But taking a piss is hard sometimes. Getting the stream started is hard, has anyone ever had this problem before?

TMI. Honesty. No faces. or consequences

Comment on me. Make me feel loved.


(2 Minds blown : I want to know everything...)

Gay Hoodie 
10:53pm 15/12/2003
mood: aggravated
Ok, So I know I should be working on a history paper, but....

I'd like to get a hoodie. You know, one of those pull over sweatshirts with hoods and a pocket. So I could go to Target and get one, but the thing is those are all plain, and I want something, well gayier.

Now I could get an Abercrombie hoodie, which would indeed be gayer than a plain one from target, but wouldn't be what I'm looking for.

I want something with rainbows and double entendre's, and I'd like to be able to get it in black rather than ash grey.

Anyone have ideas? Thanks in advance.

(1 Mind blown : I want to know everything...)