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Trying to type like im not a fucking ape over here.
When I went thru puberty I ended up in a fucking fetish club and since then I like boots... (long story)
Now since then i like to suck boot a lot. I dont think my husband has a real opinion about it but he likes it since i get off on it. Only problem is when we fuck with it (talking fucking huge heels here) he has fucking problems with lube. and words. Its pretty funny after i cum though but when we're fucking around its not. I dont think he gets dominating me doesnt have to do with calling me names.

back to the lube. he always fucking forgets i need a huge fucking lot of lube if he's gonna fuck me like that. even when its just cock he sometimes forgets. [but if he doesn't put at least a little on i fucking kick his ass.] my ass is sore thinking about it. like my fucking digestive system isnt that fucked up all ready, my ass doesn't need to be stretched any more.

i shouldnt say that 'cause i like to fist too, but i cant get him into it.

theres part 1 of my TMI. cant think of anything else. fucking huge post.

[sorry i swear a lot i suck with words]
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